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Had the opportunity to try out Knife 2 Meat U and I laughed a lot. Thank you for the experience.

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Is there a way to go window mode with this game and every time i record it with OBS the game logo and start are upside down why is that?  

cool game but OML the controls are definitely a bit touchy

it wont let me download it

Hey! i played your game for my channel! 


Lol this is both funny and a good game!! Well done.


Funny game, the krab's sorta ragdoll is weird though xD.

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This game was so adorable, and even though I struggled a bit I still really enjoyed this game! What an interesting experience!

Wow, Crab has evolved!

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Loved this game. Pinchy and I had fun defying gravity XD


I hate crabs



Muy divertido habra una secuela???

This was a very funny game. It had its moments of glitches (and the camera, my god) but i liked it. Great work :D



My only issue was the camera... it felt like it was fighting me the whole time lol

Made a video

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This game is harder than I thought :0 Good job! (also broke it)

this was a cool and interesting idea, I had a lot of fun! 

I really like the look of the game, and the idea of a crab with a knife invading a house is hilarious. The one problem i had was the camera was extremely annoying.

I learned a lot about crabs, knives, and the complex relationship between people and crabs. What a lovely game!

This was brilliant! Amazing aesthestics and wonky controls that somehow makes sense, and I absolutely loved it! :P

I featured Knife 2 Meat U in my newest "3 Weird Games" video (crab themed of course), and thought you might like to see it! :D


just got done playing this game, i decided to play it cause of the pun XD and it was a blast an yeah it does have some issues but i had a great time, thank you . also i recorded my gameplay if ya wanna check it out  

It's a hilariously wonky game! Shorter than expected though.

It was nervous but actually fun :)  Thank you for the game!

Loved it! Physics felt hella wonky but made it pretty fun, i really enjoyed the attitude of the game.


Despite having some issues (which can be fun in and of themselves, though they did force me to restart the game once), the game is a blast to play. The controls and camera can be a bit wonky at first, but you get used to it after a while. One thing I will say, I would love for it to be possible to use the axe that can be found in the shed to either kill the humans or just cause more destruction; as it is, it just launched me into the air.

This was a lot of fun if not infuriating at times lol I am just happy I reached the "end"! Awesome job, keep up the good work! 

Great little game, i love the concept the only problem i had was the camera control it was a little wonky but might be intentional, either way great job!

Fortnite Players: *brags about destructable environments*

Knife 2 meat u: 

Fortnite players:

I agree with the camera being insane.  It's so annoying to look at more than anything.  Difficulty of control is a pest I'd attribute to intention.  You want the game to be a little challenging.  Super buggy, but not so much in a game breaking way, gives it a bit of character on it's own.  Really like the idea, I didn't finish the game, purely because the way it's laid out drove me a little nuts.  But enjoyed the package as a whole, there's some nice work in there.  This is the second game in the video.

The camera just kept spinning around and it was kind of annoying to control. Cute game and cute idea, I just couldn't control it well :/ 


Knife little game. Very sharp. 


I love this game, one of my favorites in a long time! really reminded me of Octodad, made me nostalgic! Really well done, thank you for sharing your art! 

Hi there! That background music thought! haha Had a lots a fun playing this game! keep it up! 

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I love the music and stabby little crab but I'm having a problem with my mouse. The camera will keep on spinning in circles unless my mouse is dead centre. 

Do you know how I can stop this happening?

Nice to see one of my favorite memes become a game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played

Cute idea, it's fun messing things up and the ending is... it feels right. Nice work!


Great video! Thank you for playing!! 🦀🔪

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Trust me, this game is CRABULOUS! 

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